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We visually inspect the condition of the transition duct located between the dryer and exhaust pipe to make sure the opening is properly vented. We run the dryer so we can evaluate the outside terminated vent. We check the air flow using an anemometer to measure air flow speed and clear the lint out of the terminated vent to bring damper back to its normal position. We would use a rotary brush and rods to clean the dryer vent at least two times through with a HEPA vacuum cleaner to insure a through cleaning. After cleaning the dryer duct, we will brush and vacuum the interior of the dryer and the lint catcher area to prolong the life of the dryer and to prevent the start of a fire. We clean up the surrounding area behind the washer and dryer to remove dirt and lint. We reconnect the transition duct and position the dryer to create a better air flow to the exhaust vent. Finally, we re-measure the air flow to make sure the dryer is properly ventilated.

We also offer:
• Bird Nesting removal
• Duct modifications or replacement
• Exhaust replacement and/or pest-guard